Action Plan for home remodeling

Remodeling for Beginners

Remodeling your home can be stressful, but if you do it right it can be one of the most exciting transformations you take on. It’s an opportunity to create and make something beautiful that family and friends can enjoy. You have the chance to add value to a home by making your vision into reality. Here are some important steps for every beginner to make sure you get the remodel of your dreams and enjoy the process.

Put Communication First

The first thing every beginner should know when remodeling their home is to communicate each detail about the project. Never assume people have the exact vision you have in your mind. You want to make sure all the people working in your home (contractors and more) know exactly what you want. It’s also important for your partner (or anyone sharing your home) to be on the same page with the ultimate vision. If you get this right, remodeling becomes much more practical, done as a team activity.

Write Everything Down

Plan, plan, plan. Everything you put on paper will become the blueprints to your dream remodel. Write down a list of everything you would like. Make sure to add subcategories to each section and room in the house so you can be as specific as possible (include types of materials, styles, etc.). Writing things down will help you communicate your ideas and keep everyone on track for the same goals.

Idea, Plan, Execute your home remodeling

Be Prepared to Make Constant Decisions

Just like any major project that is filled with various moving parts, you will be faced with many decisions. If you anticipate this, you will be ready when they come.

Know Your Timeline

Remind yourself that some things will take longer than others. Whether there is a big job inside the house that will take some time, or you have to order something that might take a few weeks, make sure to calculate ahead of time to avoid unexpected delays.

Set Aside Funds for Unexpected Costs

Like most things worth having in life, unexpected costs might present themselves to you. It’s a good idea to set aside an extra 5-20% of your budget just in case.

Save the Headache: Get a Professional

Ultimately, your goal is to get the remodel of your dreams and enjoy the process. If you feel like this might be too stressful for you, that’s okay. Most people will feel that way. Hiring a professional will ease your stress, most likely save your money in the long run, and make sure the project gets done with excellence. Even if you think you can do it on your own, it’s always worth having an expert to get the best value for your hard work.

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