The Design-Build Process Explained

Have ideas, and want the most cost effective way to build your dream?

The design build process has been around for centuries.  It has proven to be the fastest, most cost effective method of building. 

What is design build?

Design & Build

In an effort to improve our service over the years and the overall client experience, we have spent many hours meeting with architects to discuss the best way to deliver exactly what the homeowner wants and how to deliver that in a timely manner and on budget.  We have determined that the best way to do this is to have the architect and contractor work alongside each other, with the client, from the beginning of the planning and budgeting stage.  The architect and contractor work alongside each other so that the architect isn’t designing spaces that are out of the client’s budget. This also allows for the homeowner to efficiently allocate their money based on what is important to them.  This ultimately saves time and money for everyone.

This method saves time and money over the design-bid-build process because often when the project goes out to bid it has to go back to design because it is over budget.  It also avoids costly designs that the home owner may never build (this is much more common than you might think).  The general contractor always has more knowledge of the costs associated with the design and the practicality of the design.  So working together as a team from the beginning is a very successful method of building.

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