Real Estate in Massachusetts: Is Now the Time to Remodel?

2020 has been a year for the history books.  What with social unrest, political upheaval, and a worldwide pandemic, we’ve had to learn to adapt in ways never previously imagined.  For a lot of us, that means spending a lot of time at home.  And when home becomes your place of work, school, online shopping, and more, you start to look at it a little differently.

In this article, we discuss the current scene when it comes to real estate in Massachusetts, and what that means for those of you considering a remodel.

The New “From-Home” Model

Thanks to Big Tech, we now have the ability to do nearly everything from home.  Hold corporate meetings, teach a class, perform a job interview, and even create your own store, all from the comfort of your living room.  Commuting may be a thing of the past – and for cities like Boston, that’s a big deal.

What have many city-dwellers done with this new way of life?  Packed up and moved out – to Central Mass., the Cape, and other areas that are far less expensive than the city.  Homeowners want more space and less stress.  They need more home office space and room for the kids to homeschool.  Trying to juggle so many challenges in the cramped quarters of a condo in the city is simply not everyone’s cup of tea.

Creating a Family Home

Single family homes are suddenly the most desirable real estate out there.  But it’s not just the space and location.  The entire paradigm of home life is changing, and that means that homes will have to change with it.  Here are a few ways that real estate desires are changing in 2020:

  • Open concept floor plans are not very conducive to Zoom meetings, so homeowners are in need of a home office (or two).
  • Shiny appliances and high-tech amenities don’t seem to be as desirable as warm, inviting spaces that are well designed.
  • With kids being home all day, extra storage and durable materials are vital, along with having enough space for them to homeschool.
  • A workout space such as a yoga room or personal gym is a must, as more and more people turn their focus to personal health and fitness.

That means that not only are homeowners looking for single-family homes outside the city, they will also be in need of a custom remodel to make their home into the workplace-school-gym-creative space it needs to be.

The Realtor-Contractor Team

Real estate and construction go hand-in-hand, but never as much as it does today.  When house hunting, homeowners should be seeking not only a good realtor, but also a reliable contractor who can remodel their new home.  Now, more than ever, your home should be your sanctuary!

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