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5 Essentials to Building Your New Home

Have you ever wondered what it means to have the home of your dreams? Anyone house shopping learns that sometimes you can’t find that “perfect” home in your mind. You might think so after you purchase one, but in a few months, you find all the inconvenient spaces and quirks that have been there all along. That’s why building a new home, whether from scratch or as a remodel, is the best way to have your dream home. It’s a clean slate! It’s worth the project. There are 5 essentials to building it. Here they are.

1. Set Some Goals

Write down everything you want for your new home. It’s all about communication between yourself, others working on the project with you, and anyone else living in the home. By setting up goals, you can make sure you get everything done for your dream home.

Ask things like:

• How do I envision my home when it's done?
• What is absolutely necessary?
• How much will it cost?
• If something doesn’t work out, what’s my next option?

2. Make a Budget

There’s a common saying that goes, “a budget is when instead of asking ‘where did my money go?’ you actually tell it where to go.” Use your goal list and all the costs you can think of for the project, and put it together to see the total cost. Make sure you have a budget ready and compare the estimated costs with your financial goal. Always be prepared to pay 5-20% more, in case something unexpected happens - which is inevitable.

Custom Home Westwood, MA

3. Find Your Dream Location

Whether its some available land, or an old run-down home, finding the right location is essential for your new home. Where do you want to be? What kind of scenery? Which direction is the sun pointing? All this could be important factors for your home. Find the right spot—you can’t have a re-do for this one, so pick the perfect place!

4. Plan & Anticipate Anything

Make sure to plan for everything! As you build a team to work with, remember that communication is key. Think of all the materials, funds, workers, permits and anything else that’s necessary. You should also anticipate unexpected setbacks. Dealing with things that aren’t foreseen is just the way life works. Don’t let it set you back, and welcome it as part of the journey.

5. Live the Dream

Once you finish your home, learn to live your dream. You worked hard for it. It was your vision, and now you can find pleasure in it. Invite your family and friends and make memories that’ll last for a lifetime. There’s nothing like sipping a cup of coffee on the porch you helped design.

At Progress Contracting Corp. we are passionate to make your dreams a reality. We do it every day! Give us the opportunity to make the home you want today. We would love to partner with you and remodel the home of your dreams!

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