Ideas to Create Your Dream Home Office

We spend an average of 70% of our time working (sometimes more). What if that could be done in a space that inspires our best? That’s what we’ll cover here.

With more and more of us working from home, we can’t stress enough the importance of building a home office that’s functional yet inviting for you to do your best work. Sticking your home office in a dark basement corner or closet can be a big mistake…

Using these tips can not only increase productivity and aesthetics, but it’ll bring you closer to what’s most important: family.

Embrace natural light
Position your office desk close to the windows, parallel to the panes. This ensures you enjoy natural light and also gives an opportunity for you to take your eyes away from the computer. With enough natural light, you can save on your energy bills.


Get creative regarding storage
There is always a need for filing cabinets to put your papers but you can avoid traditional, bulky cabinets by trying wall storage, racks or display shelves library-style. If you require book cases, look for bigger options, so that overstuffing may be avoided. Try to keep it artful so that it appears perfect as a backdrop. This is recommended so as to minimize the storage need in the office area.

Create a comfortable space
Your desk is a very special place as you need to work, think or even read & write. So, ensure to have a comfortable chair or even an ottoman, a great lamp and a coffee table nearby. A colourful pillow and throw is a great option too, in case you wish to take breaks. Consider incorporating a standing desk solution to help keep your back pain-free by cycling through standing and sitting several times throughout the day.

comfortable home office custom home

Include some pizzazz for fun
Having a serious-looking home office is not a must. You can give color and personal touches so that the space is inviting. Choose window treatments, add decorations from your travels and complimentary furniture expressing your style. Use some style and add organizational accessories such as baskets to put your mail and papers. If there is wall space, include photos or artwork of your choice.

Stick to ergonomic rules
Keep your computer screen at eye level as this reduces eye fatigue. You’ll want a desk that allows you to position your keyboard such that your forearms stay parallel to the floor. Ensure your feet rest firmly on the floor. Finally, have a chair you love sitting on. Experiencing any back pain while sitting? If a good chair isn’t helping, we highly suggest in investing in an adjustable standing desk.

With these design tips, you can truly create a space that helps you get things done by wanting to be there in the first place.

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