Design Ideas for the Perfect Laundry Room

The most commonly used area at home is the laundry room and it usually gets the least attention while building or redesigning your home. Laundry is everyone’s basic need in life. Any family with tons of laundry to do wishes they had help with this never-ending chore. Some love to do this task and some try to avoid it at all costs.

But what if laundry could be super fun? Even relaxing? That’s what is possible by designing a nice laundry room. In this article, we’re going to teach you the different ways to create your dream laundry room. Plus, how to make it more manageable as well as comfortable.

  1. Choose the Right Machine:

When shopping around, go for a machine with larger capacity washer and pre-wash settings for stain- removal. The latest technology has now introduced sensors in machines which scan and read and adjust the settings for the perfect wash, rinse and spin. Now, why choose a large- capacity washer? – Because it will reduce your laundry time.  You can get more done in a single load than what you used to do in two loads with the large capacity washer. This will cut your laundry time in half. It’s better to Invest your money in a better-quality washer and dryer.

  • Get Organized:

Get each member of the house involved. Buy a basket/hamper for each member of the house and place it in their bedroom or bath. We also suggest a basket inside the laundry room. The next step is to handle clean clothes. Buy a different color basket for each member or label baskets with their name. It will help you to sort clean clothes easily. Toss clean laundry into labeled baskets. Pro tip: Ask teens to fold their clothes by themselves. 😉

Ironing Board:

You can also have an ironing board in your laundry room. If you do not want to use your floor space, then you can design an inside cabinet ironing board. You can use large cupboard doors for this purpose where you can easily hang the ironing board. There are different kinds of cabinets available in the market in which you can hide the fold out ironing board.

Laundry Room Clutter:

The laundry room tends to be storage for everything in the house that doesn’t have a home. Vacuums, litter boxes… You get the idea. Make your life stress-free by clearing the clutter. Use laundry room cabinets to store detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, stain & odor removers, softening liquid or anything else you need for your laundry. Bring other things that do not belong in the laundry room to their designated storage areas. Keep it a space that’s actually a beautiful, clutter-free and calming place to be.

Design a Laundry Room:

Like other rooms, the laundry room is also an important space in a home. We usually don’t think to spend our time and money on laundry rooms. However, one should choose designs that emphasize comfort and practicality. Designing the perfect laundry room during your design-build makes laundry something to look forward to. Even investing in some fresh colored paint and a comfortable rug on the floor that keeps your feet warm can go a long way. These creative measures will make your laundry day a fun day.

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