Home Builder in Westwood

Home Builder in WestwoodWe don’t just build houses, we are a home builder in Westwood. It is more than just a semantic distinction – we aren’t putting together these pre-fabricated cookie cutter houses that spring up all over the place over night … making a choice to work with Progressive Contracting is making a choice to step away from that. Making a choice to work with us is making a decision to actually get the home you have always wanted.

From that first conception you have, through the architectural plans, to the final finished project – we have the experience and skills necessary to steer your project in the right direction. When you work with us you will see that we are dedicated to making sure that you get the house that you want, whether that involves building additions onto the current structure or teardown construction.

Looking To Build A Home? Contact Us Now!

We have the experience and the expertise to take any project that you have in mind to completion. We have many clients that we worked with who are very happy with their home, and we would love to add you to that list.

If you are curious about what we can do to get you your ideal home, or if you just want to hire us right now to come and start work, get in contact with us. Your dream home doesn’t have to remain a dream – we can help you to live in it.